Innovative new hockey community


USA Hockey Magazine x Lipsweater partnership

Lipsweater is creating the innovative metaverse hockey brand powered by the community. The core 3D avatar genesis collection will be minted live on NHL draft day in Montreal on July 7th 2022. 

The Vision:

Lipsweater is at its core a community of passionate hockey enthusiasts & practitioners of all types, levels, and experiences. We’re coming together to usher hockey into the future.

Blockchain technology provides us with an opportunity to decentralize power and enables us to bestow ownership of digital assets upon those that have been the heart and soul of the sport since its inception.

Although large centralized organizations such as the NHL, national sports federations, the Olympics, and traditional media outlets ( CBC, TSN, RDS, ESPN, to name a few) have been the trusted intermediaries for the community of our beloved sport over the years — we have an unprecedented opportunity to build the backbone of a new type of organization.

One where fans, NHL players, minor leaguers, beer-leaguers, youth coaches, volunteers, trainers, agents, educators, and anyone in-between can benefit and unlock tangible upside by owning a digital asset. A world where individuals can make their interests and passion work for them, and not the other way around.

The Concept

  1. A unique 3D digital artwork that will be used in future AR/VR interactions, including a virtual pro shop with officially licensed merchandise and collaborations.
  1. An access pass to unique experiences that includes: co-ownership and co-management of an actual semi-pro hockey franchise, exclusive insider access to mingle with over 100 influential hockey personalities that include NHLers, Olympians, College players, coaches, scouts, and many more.
  1. A new tool that young aspiring hockey players will use to interact and engage with the hockey world to get access to previously inaccessible opportunities. We are exploring ways for junior players to get connected to tryouts for European hockey teams, for example.

The Details

The minting process for the collection will have two stages.  The first stage will be private: there will be 314 tiered Genesis NFTs available with special bundle pricing for the general public to mint alongside over 100 NHLers who will receive their Golden Lipsweater NFTs. The second stage of 4200 basic NFTs will be dispatched later.

The Opportunity

The collection is focused on offering unique interactive & participatory experiences for its members. With hockey being traditionally a conservative sport, Lipsweater hopes to act as a trusted communal third party that can bridge the gap between practitioners of the sport ( NHLers and personalities) and enthusiasts ( fans & youth) in a win-win scenario powered by the concept of ownership and intertwined upside.