Free 5-week web3 Course

Lipsweater is building a NFT community that lets hockey members rally together, get their voices heard, and reap upsides as owners. We plan to become a powerful digital passport to the hockey metaverse.

In order for newcomers to understand the technological web3 revolution, the Lipsweater team will be providing a 5-week *free* educational program leading up to our mint day, July 7th.

We'll have two types of curriculums: beginner and more advanced.

Each beginner session will be held on Tuesday & Friday at 6:30 PM Eastern Time, and the advanced session will follow at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Each session will be a 45-min LIVE (but recorded) zoom course with a 15-min Q&A.

We will hold Ask-Me-Anything Twitter Spaces on Wednesdays and Sundays to cover any extra questions or comments.

In addition, participants are invited to tune into our community management sessions for our Semi-Pro team, the Plattsville Lakers, every Monday and Thursday at 5 PM Eastern Time.

Beginner Curriculum:

  1. What is Web3, and what does this change mean for regular people?
  2. Blockchain basics
  3. The concept of decentralization
  4. Digital sovereignty & ownership
  5. NFT basics: how it works and what to avoid
  6. Intro to Discord
  7. Metaverse Part 1
  8. Metaverse Part 2
  9. Setup your wallet
  10. Your first project

Advanced Curriculum:

  1. Using Discord effectively
  2. Using hot & cold wallets 
  3. Trading NFTs: tools and vision
  4. How to read a smart contract
  5. Alpha Groups
  6. How to read Volume and Charts
  7. Selling / Buying strategies + tactics
  8. Minting from a smart contract
  9. Scams & Hacks: why & how they happen
  10. Working in Web3


Program starts on May 31st, but all sessions will be recorded to let people join in anytime.